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Convert Text to Chocolate Embossed Title with Photoshop Tutorial by irene.thompson80 (Views:2775)

Do you need to apply a chocolate embossed type effect to your specialized magazine, catalog print or flyer printing titles? With some simple text and blending effects in Photoshop, it isdelightfully easy to do this. You do not even have to be totallyfamiliar with all the different controls in Adobe Photoshop to achievethis effect. So for the sake of your posters, catalogs and other typesof prints, here are the instructions in converting your test titles tochocolate embossed type using Photoshop. Try to learn and apply thesetricks for your own designs.

1.     Open a new document in AdobePhotoshop. Make sure you set your dimensions depending on your needs.You will want to set the resolution to a very high setting if you areprinting this design on paper (around 300ppi). Otherwise, a 72 ppi valueshould suffice for web designs.


2.    First, let us create the bar of chocolate. With the use of theRectangle tool, simply inscribe the rectangle chocolate bar that youneed. Colour your bar a dark brown for dark chocolate. Use this value asa basis: #3c2216


3.    Now double click on this shape layer to access the layer options andblending options. First, click on Bevel and Emboss. Set all these valuesin its option settings.

a.     Style: Inner Bevel

b.     Technique: Chisel Hard

c.     Depth: 490%

d.     Size: 13px

e.     Soften: 9px

f.      Shadow Mode Color: #251313


4.    Once done, we will create a new layer. Simply press CTRL+SHIFT+N tocreate a new layer. Name this layer chocolate highlight.

5.    Now, click on the brush tool. Use a soft brush with 0% hardness andpaint a swatch of light brown colour at the centre of our chocolate bar.Since this is a new layer, you can try different strokes andcombinations until you get it right. Remember that you can just simplyresize or erase the brushes without fear or altering the chocolate barbelow. Try to get something like this:


6.    Next, we shall type in our chocolate bar text. Now, remember to choose avery distinctive font style that is a bit thick. This helps make thechocolate embossed text look more convincing. For now the colour of thetext is not really that important, so for this example we have used ablack colour. Just type in your title and position it neatly inside thebar.


7.    We will now apply several layer styles and blending options to the textto make it look like embossed chocolate text. Just double click on thetext layer to get to the layer styles window. The first stop is the dropshadow option. Check its box and then apply these settings:

a.     Opacity: 45%

b.     Angle: 30 Degrees

c.     Distance: 2

d.     Spread: 0

e.     Size: 1


8.     Then, check the Bevel and Emboss option. You will want to set all these values accordingly.

a.     Technique: Chisel hard

b.     Depth: 1000%

c.     Size: 2px

d.     Soften: 1px

e.     Angle: -150 degrees

f.      Altitude: 53 degrees

g.     Highlight Mode: Overlay, White, 100%

h.     Shadow Mode: Overlay, Black, 64%


9.     Also click on the colour overlay option. Add a BLACK colour but reduce this with an opacity of 20%.



10.  Finally select the gradient overlay options. You will want to set all these settings for this effect:

a.     Gradient Colour: #4e2816 to #7d3c1e

b.     Style: Linear

c.     Angle: 90 degrees



11.  Great! Once you press OK, you will have your text turned to chocolate, embossed convincingly.



12. Now, the great thing about this effect and layer style is that it isapplicable to any kind of Layer. So you can use any kind of layer shapethat you need to get the same effect. So you can use it in shapes suchas squares, circles, and even odd clip-art, wingdings type text. Onceyou have set the properties above, simply right click on a layer, selectcopy layer style, and paste it to other shape layers.



Now you know how to easily convert your text and even your shapes into chocolate embossed elements.

Hope you enjoy the tutorial! Swing by PrintPlace Tutorials to find more of this.