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Convert your text to light particles using Adobe Photoshop Tutorial by irene.thompson80 (Views:2698)

Do you need magical lights to grace your flyer designs, website or even your catalog for that extra oomph? If you do, then this tutorial is the one you wantto read through. We will go through the different steps here inconverting text titles to light particles using Adobe Photoshop. Even ifyou are new to Photoshop, you should be able to slowly follow along andget the magical light particle title design style that you need. Soread carefully and learn.

1.     Create a new document in AdobePhotoshop by pressing CTRL+N. Set the dimensions as you need them. Keepin mind to use 300ppi for the resolution to make this a high qualitygraphic, ready for printing or publishing.

2.    Once you have a new document up in Adobe Photoshop, you will want tosetup your background for the text effect. Since this effect involveslight colored particles, it would be good to use a dark coloredbackground. So set your Foreground color to Black, and your backgroundcolor to a dark hued color of your choice. In our example we are usingBlack (#000000) and a dark grey (#252525).

3.    Once your colors are setup, go to Filter -> Render -> Clouds torandomly generate cloud effects using those colors you just setup.


4.    Good! Our background has been set. Now use the type tool to create yourtitle text. Just use white as the color for now. In choosing the fontstyle for your text though, it would be best for you to use somethinglarge and wide.



5.    Now that we have text, we will setup the sparkles effect. To do this goto the brush panel. (if it is not visible in your panels go to Windows-> Brushes) Click on the option for the brush “Flat Angle Low BristleCount” Then, set these options:

a.     Size: 32

b.     Shape: Flat Angle

c.     Bristles: 12

d.     Length: 55

e.     Thickness: 52

f.      Stiffness: 100

g.     Angle: -70 degrees

h.     Spacing: 17


6.     Then, tick off the shape dynamics option and set the angle jitter to 100%. With this we have our sparkles brush.


7.    Now, right click on your text layer and selection the option to “CreateWork Path”. This gives us a shaped work path in the pattern of our textof course.



8.    Now, don’t worry if you do not see the work path directly now. Justpress CTRL+SHIFT+N and then name this new layer as your sparkles layer.Remove the visibility of your original text layer afterwards and youshould see your new work path.



9.    With the new sparkles layer selected, look for the Direct SelectionTool in your panel and activate it. NOW, choose a foreground color thatwill match the color of your sparkles. For this example, we will justuse white. Once you have chosen, right click on your work path andselect “Stroke Path”.


10.  On the window that opens, use BRUSH as  your tool and uncheck the checkbox to simulate pressure. Press ok once done.



11.  Once you press ok, you should see the initial sparkles effect get done through the brush.



12.  Finally, double click on the layer to bring up its blending options. Then select Outer Glow and set these options.

a.     Blend Mode: Vivid Light

b.     Color: #e1fdf4

c.     Spread: 5

d.     Size: 18

e.     Contour: Half Round

f.      Range: 100


13.  Once you press ok, you should get a nice glow light around our text.


Hope you enjoy the tutorial! Swing by PrintPlace Tutorials to find more of this.