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Creating Glossy Vector Button Circles in Illustrator Tutorial by irene.thompson80 (Views:3117)

business cards and catalog prints  since they can scale up or down easily without losing quality. This means that you can use these kinds of graphics for small prints like booklets and then easily blow them up for larger prints like posters and banners. If you want that to happen with your glossy button circles, then just follow the steps detailed here. You should be able to create your own glossy vector circles in no time at all.


1. First open a new document in Adobe Illustrator. Be sure to open a print document so that you can easily port this for your layouts meant for printing. Aim for a high resolution at 300ppi if possible and of course adjust your dimensions accordingly for your button circles.

2. Now, first create your circle. Do this by using the Ellipse tool. Just go to your tool panel and look for the ellipse tool.

3. Drag the ellipse tool into your canvass and inscribe the appropriate size unto it.

4. Change the fill color and stroke color as necessary.


5. Next, use the same ellipse tool to create another smaller circle on top of our larger one. Color it appropriately to be in complimentary to the color of the larger circle.

6. Then, select both circles at the same time and go to Object -> Blend -> Make.


7. This should blend our circles very creatively just like a gradient.


8. Next we will add that extra gloss elements.  Using the Ellipse tool again, create an oval shape on top of our circles like so.

9. Add a black and white color gradient fill in it, with the black at the bottom and white of course at the top. You may need to change the angle of the gradient to negative 90 degrees to do this.

10. While still editing our oval shape, go to the Transparency panel and select “Screen” blend mode. This helps make the oval look like a gloss sheen onto the button.

11. Next, repeat the process with our oval shape, this time create a smaller more elongated oval like so. Use the same black and white color gradient and use screen blend mode as well.

12. Change its angle a bit by right clicking on it and then click Transform -> Rotate.

13. Rotate it 45 degrees to the right. Just enter the value in the rotation window.


14. Place this rotated oval shape at the bottom right of our button.


15. Finally, just adjust the transparency levels a bit to make both gloss elements look subtle.


16. Now we have a great glossy button shape to work with all in vector.


17. All you have to do is to place in your logo or graphic elements inside the button to add extra meaning to it.


Now you know how to create your very own glossy color buttons in vector form.