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Creating your Very Own Knife Vector Icon in Illustrator Tutorial by irene.thompson80 (Views:2693)

Welcome to this step by step tutorial in creating a knife vector iconin Adobe Illustrator. Whether you will be using this icon for webdesigns, or even printed materials such as catalog prints, flyer printing and posters, these vector graphics will always look crisp and sharp,simply because they are easily scalable. So just follow the steps belowand even you as a beginner should easily discover how to create your ownknife vector icon.

1. The first step to creating the knife is ofcourse creating the basic knife shape. With a new document open, use thePen Tool to draw your knife. Now, there are different types of knives,but for our purposes we are going to use a classic kitchen knife shape.Create the shape by drawing three anchor points just like this shape.


2.With the basic shape ready, remove the black stroke and add a lightgrey to grey gradient like so. Make sure that you adjust the angle ofthe gradient colour so that the lighter side of the gradient is on thecutting side of the knife.


3. Now, duplicate the knife shape by pressing CTRL+C then pressing CTRL+Vwhile the knife shape is selected. Once duplicated, reposition it backover the original knife shape. Then use the Direct Selection tool(shortcut A) to extend the bottom left anchor a little bit as you cansee below.


4. Next, send this shape to the back by right clicking on it and choosingthe send to back option. Also change its gradient colour to a grey andlight grey gradient, coming from top to bottom. Just adjust the angleand colour gradient as you can see below.


5.Next, draw two bent rectangles into the middle of your knife shape. Weare creating the shine of the knife here. Colour them to shades of lightgrey (white slightly darker of course), and then add a gradient thatgoes left to right along the angle of their slope. Reduce theirtransparency to around 60% using the transparency panel.


6.Next, draw the part where the knife attaches to the handle. Again weare using the pen tool here. We used five anchor points here. Colour itwith a grey to dark grey colour like so.


7.Next, you will want to draw the handle. This can be tricky with the pentool, but you only need to use 5 anchor points as you see below. Makesure you add a black to dark grey color for this shape.



8. Using the ellipse tool, draw three small circles into the handle.Remember that you can hold down the SHIFT key as you drag the ellipsetool to make sure that the circles have constrained proportions creatinga perfect circle. Colour them a light grey and grey gradient. Make surethey do not have strokes, and they align perfectly across the handle.




9. Great! Now you have a nice kitchen knife icon to use for your various specialized designs.


10.To easily manipulate its orientation, group the whole thing together byright clicking on the knife and selecting “Group” in the context menu.



11.Then, with the selection tool activated, hover your mouse near theselection box. When you see a curved arrow cursor, you can then rotatethe knife at will to your desired angle.




12.You can then just easily put the knife into anything that it must cut,just like an orange. Here we have placed an ellipse circle shape, with aorange gradient color. We just sent the orange circle to the front withthe knife positioned at the back, extruding on top of the orange.


Great! Now you know how to create a nice Knife icon from scratch.

Hope you enjoy the tutorial! Swing by PrintPlace Tutorials to find more of this.