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Designing Your Text into a Vector Sticker Style with Illustrator Tutorial by irene.thompson80 (Views:2570)

If you need to convert boring text into something more interestingand more dated, then this is the tutorial you will want to learn. Inthis guide, we will cover how you can turn a simple typed up text intoimpressive looking vector art that has that sticker text style. This isuseful if your theme for your print designs need that sticker lookingtouch to reinforce its message. So for the sake of your snooze-worthy catalogs, flyers and business cards here are the steps that you should know.

Step 1

Firstoff of course, we will type in our text. Just create a new documentusing Adobe Illustrator and use the Type tool to write in your titletext. To make your sticker style look better, it is best to use a thickstyled or fat type font that makes each character look big. This helpscontribute to the visible nature of your titles.


Step 2

Now,let us make it look a bit sleeker by adding a gradient color. With yourtext selected, simple go to the Gradient panel and choose or customizethe settings with the gradient colors that you want to use.


Step 3

Forthe background, let us create a large rectangle using the rectangletool (Shortcut M).  Color it the way you want, though it would be goodto use something that goes in harmony with your text. Afterwards, rightclick on your large rectangle and select the option Arrange -> Sendto Back.


Step 4

Clickon your text once again with the selection tool.  Duplicate it bypressing CTRL+C and then CTRL+V. With that duplicate selected change itsfill color to white and remove its stroke.


Step 5

Finally,go to Effect -> Path -> Offset Path. Use a 22 px offset, Miterfor the Joins and a Miter limit of 4. Once done, send your effectbackwards by right clicking on it and sending it to the back of thetext.


Step 6

Next,select the path that you created and go to your pathfinder panel. Lookfor the Add or Unite button to merge all those offset paths into one.


Step 7

Then, you will want to add a slight white and light grey gradient to the shape we just created to make it look sleeker.


Step 8

Also, with the white path selected, go to Effects -> Stylize -> Drop Shadow.


Step 9

Adjust the shadow properties as needed. However make sure you use the Multiply as Mode and an opacity of around 50%-70%.




Step 10

Great! Now you have a sticker looking text.