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Drawing your very own pencil icon in Illustrator Tutorial by printplace2012 (Views:2776)

If you need a convincing and ORIGINAL pencil icon, you can either buy or download some graphics from the internet, or better yet, create one yourself. The best option of course is to always create one yourself, but I tell you now that you will be needing a bit more skill and perseverance in making a more detailed one. Whether you use this icon for brochure printing, booklet prints or calendar printing, just make the necessary adjustments to make your resulting graphic more appropriately sized for your medium.

Fortunately for you, in Adobe Illustrator, using a few simple shape tools, you can do it yourself. As long as you are willing to learn and know the right initial steps, it is possible. Luckily, all you need to know about creating these icons in Illustrator is already listed below. Read and learn the steps in the list and you should be developing your own pencil icons in no time.

1. First let us create the eraser. Simple use the Rounded Rectangle tool to create the eraser end shape.

2. Colour this with a pink and reddish colour gradient to represent the rubber eraser.

3. Then, use the rectangle tool to create the metal container of the eraser. Colour this with a grey-white-grey gradient. Make sure that its angle is set at 90 degrees. ALSO, do not forget to apply a small 1pt darker grey stroke.

4. Now, we create the pencil base itself. Use the rectangle tool again and draw a long rectangle as the pencil shape.

5. Now, apply a light yellow, yellow and orange gradient to achieve a more three dimensional looking effect. Make sure that you set its angle to 90 degrees so that it looks more real in the pencil shaft.

6. Once you are done, you should have this.

7. Next, create another rectangle in front of the base of the pencil.

8. Then, select the Add Anchor point tool in your tool window.

9. Add a new anchor in the centre of the front segment.

10. Next, click on the Direct Selection tool.

11. Select the anchor point on the top left and then drag it downwards to get a diagonal line effect. Do the same to the bottom anchor as well.

12. Then, add a light grey, light pink and light brown gradient to our triangle.

13. Now, just duplicate this triangle shape, shrink it and add a charcoal black colour gradient to it. Use Black, dark grey and black. Of course, try to use a linear gradient type with a 90 degree angle to it to add the lead or graphite of the pencil with slight glints..

14. To add some realism, use the Direct Selection tool again (shortcut A) and then move the point of the triangle for the graphite to the right to add a slight crookedness to the pencil tip.

15. Now, you should add a rounded rectangle tool across a lot of the length of your pencil.

16. Make sure you reduce the opacity of this white rectangle to only about 30%.

17. Great! You now have a basic pencil icon for use in your designs. Just rotate it depending on the angle that you need for your designs.