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Easy Steps to Creating an Mail Envelope Icon in Illustrator Tutorial by irene.thompson80 (Views:2733)

So you need a custom mail envelope icon in illustrator? Well, you have come to the right place. We willteach you how to create a simple but styling mail envelope icon orvector graphic that you can use for your various business or commercialprints. From the covers of your catalog prints to your flyer printing pieces, these mail icons should come in handy when you want to conveythe message of being able to be contacted through snail mail, or evenemail actually. So just follow the simple tips below and discover.

1.Fire up your Adobe Illustrator and then choose the appropriate documentsize. First, create a rectangle.  Just choose the rectangle tool in thetools window.


2. Then just click and drag the tool over the canvass to get your rectangle.


3.Now, we’ll colour up this base to make it look like an envelope. Firstchange its stroke colour, something grey would be appropriate. Justchoose this from the gradient controls on the right.


4.Then we’ll chose a gradient base. Just click on the gradient colours,and choose white and grey as the gradient bases for the spectrum. Setthe type of gradient to radial.


5. Now we have the base for our envelope.


6. Next, we use the pen tool. Choose it from the tools window. (Shortcut P)




7. Now, draw a path of the fold triangle above the envelope base.


8. Next, select the Add Anchor Point tool.


9. Add two anchor points, both midway between the intersecting lines in the middle of the envelope.



10. Next, select the Convert Anchor Point tool.



11. Select the middle anchor point and adjust it so that the hard point becomes a nice round edge.


12. Now, select the direct selection tool and click on our flap.




13. Press CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy and paste the flap. Add the copy a few pixels below the original flap.


14. Change it to a darker grey colour.


15. Then send this to the back. Just right click on the shape, and then select arrange -> send backward.




16. Now we have a flap and a shadow.



17. Make sure of course that the stroke weight is at 0px for this duplicate of the flap to make it look like a shadow.


18.Next, use the line tool to draw the bottom fold and edge of theenvelope. Make sure that this one has a stroke of at least 1px


19. Send this to the back as well.




20. Then just repeat the process for the other fold and edge. Send this to the back as well.


Great! Now we have a convincing looking envelope Icon.