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How To Add the Smoke Highlighted Text Effect in Photoshop Tutorial by irene.thompson80 (Views:2750)

A mysterious and classy way to add more sizzle to your text is tocloak engulf them in smoke. This effect can definitely add more thrillto your boring catalog print designs and flyers. Let’s begin.



Initially,you will want to setup your document of course. Use a very wide areadimension though to make sure the text and smoke effect will fit. Payattention to the resolution as well. Printing this type of design meansusing a large resolution (300ppi) to make it look great in print.



Witha new document open, first paste in your smoke image. It is best to geta real smoke image to get the real authentic effect. Make sure thoughthat you are using a high resolution image as well. Do not worry aboutthe colour of your smoke image for now.




Now,first, we shall remove the colour values for our smoke (since it isblue).  Just go to Layer -> New Adjustment Layer -> Black andWhite.  Use the default values, but change the Reds value to 150%.






Then go Layer -> New Adjustment Layer -> Invert…





Thisgives us white smoke and a black background as our image. Take notethat you now have two new adjustment layers on top of our main layer.





Next,select all of your layers, and then right click on them. Select theoption to create a SMART OBJECT, so that you can easily manipulate allthree layers.





Nowwe add the title. Just use the Text tool to type in the title that youwant. Use a white colour for your text for now. ALSO, make sure youchoose your font style carefully so that it matches the smoke theme thatyou are trying to achieve. It would be good to use a blockier, thickertext usually so that people can see the full smoke effects in and aroundthem.





Now,hold down the CTRL key and click on the image thumbnail of your textlayer. This selects the area of the text of your layer. Then, click onour smart object smoke layer below. At the bottom of the layers panel,click on the option “Add Layer mask”. You will see the smoke around thetext disappear leaving only your text. Hide the text layer itself, andyou will see that only a silhouette of the smoke in the shape of ouroriginal text has appears.






Nowduplicate our smart object with layer mask. On the duplicate, selectthe layer mask thumbnail by clicking on it. Then Press CTRL+I to invertit. You will now see that the smoke layer reappears again.






Now,here comes a bit of a wordy part, but read carefully.  Create a layerby clicking on the folder icon at the bottom of the layers panel. Dragyour duplicated layer here.  Change the blend mode of that layer toSCREEN.





Then, select the layer group again and then click on the ADD LAYER MASK button at the bottom of the layers panel again.




Then,click on the brush tool. Colour this black. Right click on the canvasswhile using the brush and set its hardness to 100%. Once done, just usethe brush to make your smoked text appear.





Ofcourse, some part of the characters will be missing. Just unhide youroriginal text layer from layer and then reduce its opacity to 10%. Thisshould give your text a subtle completeness even though the smoke effectis of course more emphasized.





Finally,go to Layer -> New Adjustment Layer -> Curves. Place this layeron the top of all layers and then apply  the curve shape below.





Once done with the adjustments, you should now have a great looking text that is highlighted with smoke. Congratulations!




Hope you enjoy the tutorial! Swing by PrintPlace Tutorials to find more of this.