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How to Design Your Own Fashion Sale Flyer using Photoshop Tutorial by irene.thompson80 (Views:2720)

Even amateurs these days can produce a well designed and veryimpressive fashion flyer designs. Besides good fashion photography, itis about adding the right effects and filters that will add that chiclook into the ad. In this tutorial, I will talk about how you can designyour own fashion sale flyer using Adobe Photoshop. Even as an amateur,you should be able to easily do this on your own.


1.     Let us start by setting up our flyer document. In this example we are creating a portrait flyer with the dimensions 4.25x5.5 inches. For printing, a 300 ppi resolutionminimum is required for high quality printing. You might also want tochange the color mode to CMYK, especially if you plan on having thisprinted professionally.




2.     Once the document is open, we then paste in our primary feature image. In this case Tibcris in flickr here.



3.    To extend the background a bit, we filled the actual background layerwith black. Then, we erased the right part of the main image with largeand soft eraser via the eraser tool. It is in this space that we willadd the text and effects later.



4.    Now, create a new layer by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+N. Name it any layername you like. Using the gradient tool, apply a Radial Color Gradient ofyour choice unto our canvass. Do not worry about it  covering our modelnow. Just make sure you position the radial gradient correctly unto thecanvass.



5.    Next, change this layer’s blend mode to “Color”. This applies thecolors of the gradient unto our main model image below for a nicecreative effect.



6.    Great! Now the next step is to add some details. In our example, we aremaking this in time for the “Spring” Fashion season. So we add somenice floral custom shapes. These shapes are easily accessible from theCustom Shapes list in Photoshop.



7.    Then, alter the opacity value of those different shapes so that theyembed well with the colors and theme that we have for your full colorflyer.



8.    Good, now we will add an extra interesting effect. First create a newlayer and name it “halftone”. Do this by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+N. Thenswitch to the Channels panel and create a new channel by clicking on theappropriate icon at the bottom of the panel.



9.    Next, use a nice soft brush and paint a few spots of white unto our newchannel. Make sure of course that you have the new layer you justcreated when doing this.



10. Afterwards, go to Filter -> Pixelate -> Color Halftone. Enter avalue of 32 maximum for the Radius, however, you can lower this a bit asyou see fit. Once you are satisfied with the settings just press OK.



11.  Once you press OK, you should have a wonderful looking halftone pattern where your white blobs used to be.



12. Great! Next, hold down the CTRL key and then click on our Alpha 1channel image thumbnail. This should select all the areas in thechannel, now go back to the normal view by clicking on our new layer.Fill the selection with a color gradient from your color themes.



13. To finish of the creative halftone effect, we reduce the opacity of thelayer to around 50%. If needed, you may also erase some parts of thehalftone layer so that you can emphasize anything that was blocked bythe design.



14. Afterwards, we will adjust the lightness of the image. Go to Layer-> New Adjustment Layer -> levels. Change the value at the right abit to lighten our image.



15. Afterwards, you then start typing in the text for the fashionadvertisement flyer. Just choose a nice and clear font style that iseasily understandable. Initially, it is best to use white font colors sothat they are easier to see.



16. If you think some of the text is a bit hard to see with the whitecolor, use the rectangle shape tool to create a colored rectangle behindthe text. Just reduce the opacity to around 40% and you will helpemphasize the text, making clearer and of course more noticeable.




Once you are done with the text, you should have your nice fashion advertisement flyer done! Congratulations!



Hope you enjoy the tutorial! Swing by PrintPlace Tutorials to find more of this.