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How to Make a Bright Sun Vector Logo in Illustrator Tutorial by irene.thompson80 (Views:3217)

Summer is fast approaching and what better way to impart a little bitof summer fun than with your very own sun icon. This tutorial hits thespot if you’re designing promotional flyer prints or catalog prints for the fast-approaching summer season, or if you want your website design or logos to join in a little bit on the summer wave.

Withoutfurther ado, I have created a step by step process to teach you how tomake a bright sun vector logo in Adobe Illustrator. All you have to dois to follow the steps below and see how you can tweak this steps to getyour own styled bright sun vector. Let’s get started.


Witha new document open, create a yellow circle using the ellipse tool(shortcut L). Make sure you press the SHIFT key as you do this so thatyou are sure that the circle is well proportioned and symmetrical. Notethat we created this circle with no shape strokes.



Next,duplicate this yellow circle. Make this duplicate a bit larger by usingthe selection tool. Then, sent it to the back by right clicking it andthen selecting Arrange -> Send to Back. Afterwards, change its colourto a tinge of yellow orange like so.



Withthe larger yellow-orange circle selected, add a yellow stroke (samecolour as the smaller circle) with a uniform style and 12pixelthickness.



Thatshould give us the basic sun disk. Now let us create the sun rays.Somewhere in your art board, draw a yellow rectangle and a circle (ofanother a colour it does not matter) just like you see below.



Next,on the pathfinder panel (if you do not see it check Windows ->Pathfinder if it is checked), look for the “Minus Front” option andclick on it.



You should now get something like this:



Duplicatethis by pressing CTRL+C and CTRL+V while the shape is selected. Then,right click on the duplicate shape and click on Transform -> Reflect…Choose the option to reflect vertical 90 degrees. You should then havethe other half of our sun ray.



Nowjust position them together and click on “Unite” in the pathfinderpanel. Then use the selection tool to stretch this sunray to yourspecifications.



Then,position your sun ray on top of our sun and click on the Rotation tool.Click on the centre of the sun disk circle to make that the pivotpoint.



Pressthe ALT key while left clicking on the Sun ray and then move your mouseto the left. A duplicate of our shape should appear. Rotate itapproximately 30 degrees to the left.



Next, press CTRL+D ten(10) times. You should complete all the sun rays symmetrically around the sun disk.



Afterward,select all the new sun rays we have and group them by right clicking onthem and selecting group. Right click again and select Arrange ->send to back. Change its colour to something other than yellow(depending on your theme). Then rotate it a bit using the rotate tool.You should get something like this.



Great!Now you have a pretty decent Sun Vector. You may want to experimentwith other types of colours and even Colour gradients to make your sunvector more exciting.



Finally,just add some semi-transparent white circles to complete the brightstyled sun vector. Just draw white circles and ellipses, rotate themslightly, and adjust their transparency (Window -> Transparency) toaround 30-40%.





So now you know how to create a bright and glossy Sun vector.



Hope you enjoy the tutorial! Swing by PrintPlace Tutorials to find more of this.