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Minimalistic but dramatic poster style using Photoshop Tutorial by irene.thompson80 (Views:2641)

One of the typical modern design styles used today is theminimalistic style. However, for most minimalistic styles, the resulthas a tendency to be cold or lacks the proper intensity of emotion. Inthis tutorial, we will show you how you can use subtle color andblending styles to create a more dramatic and minimalistic poster stylethat is not cold and clinical like others make it. Just follow the stepsbelow and learn how you can do this.


1.     First you will wantto setup the background. Open a new document in Photoshop and set it toposter dimensions. Use 300ppi as resolution if you mean this for realprinting. CMYK color mode is also needed if this is for a four color printing process. You may also apply this design style to flyers, simply adjust the dimensions and you’re good to go.



2.    Now with a new document open, first fill in the background with yourtheme border color. In this example, we are using this color (#eb7265).Then, create a new layer by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+N. Fill this with black.Resize our newer layer so you see the background act as a border.



3.    Double click on the black layer to get to the layer styles of thislayer. Then click on Stroke. Use a 4px white stroke for this layer toact as another sub-border. Change the blend mode to color dodge for anenhanced effect.



4.    Now, we paste in our main feature image, a window. We position it offto the side to make way for the text elements later.



5.    First, we cut out the white areas of the window as we are going to putsomething behind it to make the design more dramatic. TO do this, simplyuse the Magic wand tool to easily select the white rectangles. If yourown chosen image has a more complicated feature to be removed, you caneither use the polygonal lasso tool or the magnetic lasso tool to selectthe areas. Cut the selected areas up by pressing the backspace ordelete key.



6.    Now, with this window layer selected, go to Image -> Adjustments-> Hue/Saturation. Adjust the Hue and Saturation values until theimage matches the color for our theme (mainly close to the bordercolor).



7.     Now, paste in a dramatic or amazing image into your document. Here we used a wonderful image of a galaxy from NASA.



8.    Then, send the new image layer behind our window layer. Remove theexcess of the image by simply erasing that part with an eraser tool.



9.    Next, we will try to add the theme color to the galaxy image, withoutcompromising too much of its main colors. To do this select the galaxyimage layer. Then we go to Image -> Adjustments -> Photo Filter.Using color as your mode and choose the color of our background. Adjustthe density to a high level of around 70-85%, but do not go all the wayto 100% so that you preserve some of the colors of the image.



10. Now, we type in the main title and message of our poster. Just use theText tool to do this of course. Make sure though that you choose anappropriate font style. Since we are going for a minimalistic poster,use sans serif fonts. Do not use serif fonts with extra flourishes ortails. Here we used Helvetica and Helvetica LT.



11. But, we are not finished yet. Create a new layer on top of all otherlayers by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+N. Fill the new layer with white. Then goto Filter -> Render -> Lighting Effects. In the window that opens,change the style to “RGB Lights”. Adjust the RGB light locations tocover a large part of the poster. Press OK once done.



12. You will then see a black layer with your RGB lights. Go to Filter-> Blur -> Gaussian Blur to make the lights fuzzy. Use a 120 valuefor the Radius Pixels.



13. Reduce the opacity of this layer to around 30% so that you see ouroriginal poster design behind. You will see that you get a nice coloredeffect over our poster.



14. Now, with this lighting layer selected go to Image -> Adjustment-> Levels. Change the black input value to around 50-70 to lessen theeffect of the dark parts of this layer.



15.  Finally, we add some texture to the whole poster design. We got a nice grunge paper texture for free from bittbox here. We pasted it into our poster as the top layer.



16.  Next, change the blend mode of this texture to “Multiply” and reduce its opacity to 80%.



17. Finally, go to Layer -> New Adjustment Layer -> Hue/Saturation.This should be on top of the texture layer. Add a +24 for saturation.




The final result is a minimalistic but very dramatic poster design.


Hope you enjoy the tutorial! Swing by PrintPlace Tutorials to find more of this.