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Photoshop Guide: Changing hair color in Photographs Tutorial by irene.thompson80 (Views:2568)

Sometimes, you have no choice but to alter your image covers to getthe right look and color that you want. Good thing there is Photoshop asit will be the best tool to help you achieve the right look and colorthat you need. In this Adobe Photoshop guide, I will teach you how tochange the color of someone’s hair in Photoshop. This will be perfect inaltering your catalog prints if you have a retail clothing business, aswell as tweak some details on your model’s ‘do on your poster and flyer printing designs. So go through each step and learn.

1. First of course, open the image in your Adobe Photoshop canvass. Go to Image -> Adjustment -> Brightness and Contrast.


2.Adjust the brightness a bit so that your model looks a bit clearer(most especially their hair). You will want to amp up the brightness alittle bit extra for darker colored hair. Just be careful not to “burn”the image too much.


3.The lighter the hair color, the easy it is to change it. However, inthis tutorial, we will start with someone who has a black hair color asit requires an initial extra step. So for the next few steps, note thatit will only apply to dark hair that you want to change the color to. Let us start by selecting the Dodge Tool in your tools panel. It shouldhave the dark magnifying glass icon. If you do not see it, make sure youpress and hold the icon if either a hand or a sponge and click on theappropriate “Dodge Tool” icon.


4.Now, carefully brush through the dark hair of the person in yourPhotograph using the Dodge Tool. Note that you can change the size ofyour brush. Make sure that you cover all the specific areas of the darkhair, most especially the lighter areas that reflect some light.


5.Once done, you will notice that some of the really black areas did notchange too much because they are treated like shadows. In most casesthis is okay as it adds to a more natural effect.


6.But you can use the smudge tool in a small brush scale to spread extralighter elements to it if you like. However, it is better to leave thoseas is if possible.


7. Now that we have lighter elements to our dark hair, it is time tochange its color. Enter the quick mask mode by clicking on the quickmask icon at the bottom of the tools panel or pressing its shortcut “Q”.



8. Now, click on the Brush tool.


9. Brush the hair that you want to change the color to. DO NOT WORRY as it turns red. This means it is being selected.


10.Make sure you adjust the hardness and size of the brush accordingly tomake sure you select ONLY the hair and not the other elements of yourimage. Just right click on the canvass to adjust your brush settings.


11.Once done, press Q or click again on the quick mask icon.  Next, pressCTRL+I to invert the selection. You will now see that the hair isselected.


12. Now, to change the color of the hair, go to Image -> Adjustments -> Hue and Saturation...



13.Adjust the sliders accordingly and see the hair color change. Just playwith the values until you have the color that you want for your hair.


14. Once done, simply deselect the hair by pressing CTRL+D.


Great!You now know how to change the hair color of people in Photographsusing Adobe Photoshop. Just keep in practicing until you get moreaccurate with those brushes. Good Luck!