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Photoshop Tutorial: How to create an Ice effect on your text Tutorial by irene.thompson80 (Views:2452)

In this guide, we will discuss how you can turn your common type title text into Iced looking graphics. If your flyer printing title design or catalog cover needs something “cool” for its theme, then this might just be the righttrick for you. Review and try out the steps below and you can createyour own customized Iced looking text graphics in no time at all.

1.    Starting off, create your new document in Adobe Photoshop as needed.Set the width and height dimensions depending on how large you want yourtext title to be. If you are printing this for mass production, it isrecommended that you use a high 300ppi resolution value when creatingyour new document as this gives the best quality for printing. Use 72ppifor web designs and computer graphics.


2.    Now, in your new document, setup the background as you need it. For ourexample, we will be using black as a background just so you can see theeffects we are doing.


3.    Now, with the background setup, we are going to create a new channel.Just go to the channels panel (usually beside the paths and the layerschannel) and then click on the button below to create a new channel (youshould get ALPHA 1). Then, using the text tool, just type in the textthat you want. Make sure you use very thick type font styles to make amore convincing icy type text. Use a white color for our text for now.


4.     Next, duplicate the channel by right clicking on it and then selecting duplicate channel.


5.    With the duplicate channel selected, go to  Filter -> Pixelate ->Fragment to apply this filter. Afterwards, press CTRL+F three times torepeat the process and get a more pixelated shape in this layer.


6.    Then, go to Filters -> Pixelate -> Crystalize. In the window thatappears, add a 7-20 value depending on the size of the text you areworking with. Make sure that we get some nice edgy shapes in our textelement. Just adjust it to your preference.


7.    Once done, select this layer we have and go to Select -> All (orpress CTRL+A). Then, go to Edit -> Copy or press CTRL+C. Afterwards,go to the LAYER panel. Create a new layer by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+N. Thenand go to EDIT-> Paste or press CTRL+V. This should transfer ourshape as a layer.


8.    Now, we shall adjust the colors to get that blue icy effect.  Go toImage -> Adjustments -> Hue and Saturation. Adjust the valuesaccordingly:

a.     Hue: 230

b.     Saturation: 52

c.     Lightness: 23


9.     Next, go to Image -> Image Rotation -> 90CW. This will rotate our text 90 degrees clockwise.


10. Now, we will add a wind effect to simulate some icy structures. Just goto Filter -> Stylize -> Wind. Use the WIND method and thedirection from the right.


11.  Then, rotate our text back to the original orientation by going to Image -> Image Rotation -> 90 CCW.


12.  Great! Now we have some great ICY elements already to our text.


13. Now, go back to the channels panel and select our ORIGINAL channel.  Goto Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur and then use an 8 pixel value.


14.  Afterward, go to Image -> Adjustment -> Levels and add the following value settings:

a.     0

b.     0.5

c.     60


15. Then, hold down the CTRL key and click on the Alpha 1 Channel. Thisshould select the area of the text with our new effects in.


16. Good, now go back to the Layers panel. Now press D and X on yourkeyboard to reset the foreground and background colours. Then PressCTRL+SHIFT+N to create a new layer.


17. With the new layer selected,  go to Filter -> Render -> Clouds.Then afterwards, go to Filter -> Sketch -> Chrome. Use a value of 3on the detail and a value of 3 on the smoothness.


18. Next, double click on this new layer to access its layer styles. Clickon the option for inner glow and then use these settings.

a.     Opacity: 85

b.     Color: Blue

c.     Choke: 25

d.     Size: 24

e.     Leave the rest to default


19.  Afterwards, change the Blend mode of this layer to “Overlay” and reduce its opacity to 50%.


20. Great! Now you have a very ICY type text for you to use. Just use theeraser tool to remove any odd connections that you do not want.