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Satisfaction Guaranteed Graphic made easy using Photoshop Tutorial by irene.thompson80 (Views:2779)

In this special tutorial, we will discuss how you can design your ownstyled 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed graphic using Adobe Photoshop.While there are literally hundreds of these kinds of graphics availableon the Internet, It is sometimes best to have your own style graphic sothat you can add your own personal touches to your themed materials tocome up with highly personalized product catalogs, sales booklets, commercial posters and event flyers and pamphlets. So read carefully the steps below and learn how you can create your own Satisfaction Guaranteed graphics.

1.    Of course, first fire up your Adobe Photoshop and create a newdocument. Use any dimension that you need for the size of your graphic,but it would be best to use a 300ppi resolution if this graphic is forprinted elements.


2.    Now, we will create the seal or badge shape. Luckily for you, AdobePhotoshop already has that custom shape in hand. Simply click on thecustom shape tool first in your tools panel.


3.    Then in the options bar above, click on the button to “Shape Layers”.Next, click on the shapes drop down menu, and then choose the SEALshape. This is the typical shape of those guarantee badges.


4.    Next, just draw out the SEAL shape by clicking and dragging the shapeinto the canvass. Hold down the SHIFT key while doing this to make surethat you get a more uniformed shape with constrained proportions. Colorthis shape as you see fit for now.


5.    Now, we will add special blending options effects to this shape to addthat gold, glossy badge effect to our graphic. To do this, right clickon the layer and then click on the option for “Blending options”.


6.     First, check the Drop shadow checkbox. In the options there, use these values and settings.

a.     Blend Mode: Normal

b.     Opacity: 90

c.     Angle: Default (or 120°)

d.     Distance: 0

e.     Spread: 0

f.      Size: 10


7.     Next, click on the Bevel and Emboss checkbox and use these values.

a.     Technique: Chisel Hard

b.     Depth: 141%

c.     Size: 5

d.     Soften: 0

e.     Gloss Contour: Ring

f.      Highlight Mode: Overlay, White, 75%

g.     Shadow Mode: Normal, Grey, 85%



8.     Tick off the Contour option and add a range of 90.


9.     Tick off the Texture option. Use the bubble texture and then just adjust the depth to +10%


10.  Finally, check the gradient overlay option and plugin these values:

a.     Blend Mode: Normal

b.     Opacity: 100

c.     Style: Linear

d.     Angle: 145°

e.     Scale 100

f.     Gradient Color: For the gradient color, use the colors that you wantyour guarantee badge to have of course depending on your theme. For us,we used a mixture of dark yellow, yellow, dark orange, orange and brown.

11.  Once you have applied all these blending options, you will have something like this:


12. Next, create two circles, one larger than the other in the center ofyour seal. Just use the Elliptical Shape tool to create these circles.Color the larger one with your Theme color, BUT use white on the center.


13. It would be good as well to add a gradient overlay to the colouredcircle. Just double click on your colored circle layer and then add theappropriate gradient color combination for your theme.


14. Next, we add some text. Let us first add the easiest part which is the100% number. Simply use the text tool to write 100% in big bold letters.Then, rotate the text a bit so that it is slanted. Do this by hoveringyour mouse over the text selection box and then moving your mouse oncethe rotation cursor appears.


15. Now we will enter in the words for the border. To do this, we first usethe pen tool to draw a half circle path on the border area. Then, weuse the type tool and click on the FIRST ANCHOR of the path. Afterwards,we just type in our text, while they follow the path that we set.


16.  Then, just duplicate the process for the bottom text.


17.  Great! Now you have a great looking 100% satisfaction guaranteed badge or seal!


Hope you enjoy the tutorial! Swing by PrintPlace Tutorials to find more of this.