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Stone Aged text effects using Adobe Photoshop Tutorial by irene.thompson80 (Views:2727)

If you need some rock hard, stoned looking text for special titletext and slogan text, Adobe Photoshop is your tool to create the neededeffects. This tutorial will help you do this specific effect for yourmagazine, booklet, catalog printing and flyer printing titles easily. What is more,  you do not need to be a Photoshop expertto do this. Simply follow the instructions below and you will get thatstone “aged” text that you need.


1.     First, you will want togather a key raw resource material. You will want to get your stonetexture. Do this by just looking around over the Internet for stonetextures. More particularly try stone, granite, sand and concretetextures. It all depends on the “look” that you are trying to establish.Make sure though that you find something that is fairly large (over1000 pixels width and height) or something of high resolution to makethe texture work properly.


2.    Secondly, try to get a font style that is appropriate for a stoned typeeffect. It might be good to use wide, fat font styles with chipped orcracked type features. Search for stone related fonts or even grungefonts as they usually have these kinds of chopped or cracked effects.Download and install them into your system.



3.   Next, we will now create our document. Since we will be using the textwe are creating for print materials, it is important that you choose ahigh resolution for the print. A value of 300ppi or higher isrecommended.



4.    Once you have that new document, place the appropriate background foryour text. In this example, we are using a black background. Once youhave that black background just type in your title with white coloredtext using the font you just got.


5.     Then go to blending options by right clicking on the text layer and clicking “Blending Options”.



6.    First, add a Bevel and Emboss blending option by ticking on itsappropriate checkbox. Change the structure technique to Chisel hard.Increase the depth to around 700% (or as appropriate for your title).Use a 10 size value and put the soften value to 0.



7.    Add a gradient overlay too by ticking its checkbox. Use a white toblack color gradient. Reduce the opacity here to around 30-40%.



8.     If you are going to use this on lighter backgrounds, you will also want to tick off the option for drop shadow.



9.     Great! Now we have the basic chiselled looking shape for our text.



10.  Next, we will add our texture. Simple copy and paste the texture into your canvass.



11.  With this texture on top, right click on it on the layer view and click on the option “Create Clipping Mask”.


12.  Finally, with the texture layer still selected go to Filter -> Noise -> Add Noise...


13. Add a 15%-30% value for the noise. Use the Gaussian style distributionand tick of the option for “Monochromatic”. Once done click on OK.



14.  Once done you should have an Aged looking stone text that you can use for your specialized theme titles.


15.  Experiment with different textures, backgrounds and font styles to get wonderful stone styled effects.

Great! Now you know Stone Aged text effects using Adobe Photoshop. Congratulations.