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Turning a Cover Model or Object into a Vector Cartoon Tutorial by irene.thompson80 (Views:2951)

Vector art is easily scalable, and its style is undoubtedly popularthese days because of the trends in web 2.0 digital art. That is why itcomes to no surprise that some old style color booklets and catalog printing pieces are getting a revamp these days, turning old designs into sleeklooking vector art. If you want to apply this to your objects, we canteach you how to trace your object and turn it into a vector  graphic.Sidenote, pardon the tracing using the first method as it was done inhaste but it should illustrate how to get started with tracing yourobject since the detail of your vector will depend to a degree on theamount of tracing you do.

1. Let us first start with our main picture.  Simply open the file that you want to trace.


2. To begin our tracing, just add in a new layer.


3. Now, using the pen tool, trace the outlines of the thing that you want to create into a vector graphic cartoon.


4.This might take some time so be patient. While you can use the LiveTrace feature to automatically trace your image, there is stillsomething different when you trace it yourself. It all depends on youand our level of expertise.


5.Make sure that you separate each block of trace with a new layer sothat you can easily manipulate each item. Now, once you have everythingtraced using the pen tool, select the selection tool. It is the top toolon the tool bar.


6. Next, just select each area you traced and start colouring them according to what you want.


7. For now, let us just colours them basic colours, use the colour palette to select your colours.

8.Remember that you can choose from different kinds of swatch sets thatwill fit your cartoon or graphic style. For our example, the foodspalette is good.


9.  After some effort, and colour matching we now have a cartoon type vector art for our traced graphic.


10. Of course, this is a rough trace but you do see the layers and cartoonelements in it. Remember that you can also actually use gradient coloursinstead of just plain colours. Just click on the Gradient panel toapply the colour gradients for each of your layers.


11. With some creative gradients, we can get this kind of result:


12.Now, you know how to trace and create a vector type art from aphotograph, IN manual fashion. This is the preferred kind as this givesyou total control of the spots where the vector art should havedifferent lines and shades. However, for those who are a bit lazy, thereis another procedure.  Start with the basic picture again and look forthe option “Live Trace”


13.This is a special tracing feature for Adobe Illustrator, now, click onthe “drop down” arrow to choose from different sets of live tracetechniques.


14.If you are after an almost sketched out vector graphic for yourphotograph , you can choose the black and white colour trace to get thatlogo like tracing with details.


15. If you want a color trace. Try using the color 6 trace. It results in this:



16. If you want it almost like the photograph though, but still with some vector elements, try the Photo Low fidelity trace:


Great!Now you know the easy and the hard techniques to trace your photo andmake it into a vector style cartoon for your designs.


Author’s Bio:  Irene Thompson is as graphic enthusiast, writer, and an avid fan of photography.  She has been living in Houston, TX since 2004 and has been working at an online printing company - PrintPlace. Her design experience includes print graphic and illustration.