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Twitter Vector Logo for Your Designs Using Illustrator Tutorial by irene.thompson80 (Views:2531)

Need that bird icon, or something similar used in twitter? Well, youhave come to the right place, because we are going to teach you how todo this easily in Adobe Illustrator. You do not need to be aprofessional to do this, and you can be done well under an hour or evenunder 30 minutes of you are lucky. You can then have a great twitterbird design, perfect for your business card prints, catalog prints, web pages and even posters. Just follow the step by step instructions below

1.First, let us start with the shape of the bird. Select the pen tool inyour tools window first to start drawing the main shape.


2.Now, draw the basic shape of the bird. Use one point for the tail, onepoint each for both sides, and then one point for the turn at the top.


3.Remember, that once you have completed the shape, you can still adjustit by selecting the Direct selection tool and then manipulating thehandles and anchor points.


4. Once you have the shape that you want, add a colour gradient to our twitter bird.

5. Next, create three circles. Just use the ellipse tool to create them.


6. Create one with a white grey fill, one in black and one in white.


7. Combine them like so to get your eyes.

8. Place them into our twitter bird like so.

9. Use the pen tool again to create a beak like so. Colour it with yellow and orange on a linear gradient.



10. Add another white pointed shape above this beak to simulate a gloss or the nose.

11. Next, just attach it to our twitter bird.

12. Now, draw a Bird’s wing using the pen tool. Apply the same yellow and orange gradient that you used on the body.


13. Place it on the body, and then duplicate it. Send the duplicate to the back.

14.That gives us our nice twitter bird graphic. Just add more additionalaccents, such as stripes, darker coloured shapes for shadows etc. to addmore detail to your twitter image.


GREAT! Now you know how to create a nice bird twitter vector image.