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Vector glossy and metallic ninja stars in Illustrator Tutorial by irene.thompson80 (Views:3315)

Need to create special glossy and metallic ninja stars for yourthemed posters and flyers? Well, you have come to the right place.  Thisguide will show you the easy step by step procedures in composing yourown styled ninja starts in vector form using Adobe Illustrator. With thespecialized tools in Adobe illustrator, it is not that hard actually tocreate ninja stars. All you have to do is to follow the steps below andyou can have your own unique looking ninja stars easily. So just readon and discover.

1. With a new document open click on the “star tool” in your tools panel.




2.Now, click on the spot on the canvass where you want to render yourstar. You will see a dialog window open. Set the number of points to six(6). You can set the value for the radius 1 and radius 2 of your ninjastar here. However, you can easily scale this up and down later ifneeded so it is okay for you to use the default or some standard value.



3. Great! Now we have a standard 6 pointed star shape. Consider rotating the star a bit to your specifications.




4.    Next, using the ellipse tool, create a circle at one of the innerpoints of our ninja star. Make sure that it is a uniform circle byholding down the SHIFT key as you do this.




5.     Understand that the center of our circle must be precisely the inner endpoint of our start to make this trick work.




6.  Do this for all the other inner end points.




7.     Select all your circles and group them by right clicking on them and selecting group.




8.    Now, select the grouped circles and the start behind it. Go to thepathfinder panel and select the option to “minus front” or to subtractthe front.




9.  You will see then the circles cut our star at the inner endpoint. This adds that more ornate ninja star look.


10. Just add another bigger circle at the center of our ninja star and usethe same minus front technique to finish the job of the shape of ourninja star.




11. We are now ready to color this ninja star. Add a gradient colour with3-4 grey and white gradient stripes as you see below. Angle the gradientat -45 degrees to make it look better.


12.  Next, add a light dark grey stroke to your shape to stylize the edges.



13. Finally go to Effects -> Stylize -> Inner Glow. Add a light greyglow in screen mode. Use an opacity of 75 percent and a blur of 5 to getthat thinner edge effect. This will add more depth to your image andwill in turn add more pizzazz to your action themed posters or flyers.




Now you have a decent looking ninja star for use in many of your specialized theme design.


Hope you enjoy the tutorial! Swing by PrintPlace Tutorials to find more of this.