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Water Splat Text Effects: A Photoshop Tutorial Tutorial by irene.thompson80 (Views:2343)

In this special tutorial we will go through the steps in creating aliquid splat text effect. It’s a very simple tutorial in fact and can beused on flyer printing, catalog printing, and even business cards. Read through the following simple steps and see how easy this effect can be done.

1.First setup a new document. To make things easier we will use a whitebackground as the base. Just decide on the size of the document youwant. However, most importantly, make sure that you set your ppi orpixels per inch to a high number, since you will be doing these forprinting. Just take note of these and set the appropriate values in theNew Document Window.


2. Next, select the Horizontal Text tool in the tools panel.


3.Now, type in the title that you want for your water splat title text.To make it easier for you to create the effect, it is important that youchoose a good font style that mimics water splatters a bit. I would gofor rounded type or brush type font styles as this simulates the flow ofliquids in their character shapes better. For our tutorial, we got anice brush type font online. Set the font size to a large value ofcourse as it is the title.


4. Also try to specify a smooth anti-aliasing style to make things smoother of course.


5.With the text ready, we will now turn it into image pixels. Make sureof course that you are sure about the spelling and wording of your texttitle. Once you go to the next step, the text will not be editable. Sodouble check and make sure you are ready. Now, to start designing ourtext, select it by clicking on it’s later. Then right click on it andclick on “Rasterize” type.

6. Afterwards, add a new more dots and drops near and along your title.Use the brush tool of course if you want to do this. Choose a colour ofcourse that is a good placeholder. Just use the rounded (full hardness)brush to help you with these special accents.


7.  Now,  go to the blending options by right clicking on your splattered layer and selecting “Blending Options”.


8. Next, select Bevel and Emboss. Just choose the default options for its settings.


9. Now, we should have something a bit close to what we want for our water splatter.


10.  Let’s add one of the most obvious things to use as a filter, the Liquefy Filter. Simply go to filters and then liquefy.


11. Once the liquefy window opens, just warp and stretch your title so that it looks more like a natural splatter.


12.Finally, go back to the blending options of your layer and reduce thefill opacity to something small, such as 25% to let the background in,just like natural water.


13. Great! Now we have the basic water splatter setup complete.


14. Just add a nice background colour or image to finish up the splatter effect.